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Family Room

This is a lovely home in Darien, Connecticut. It is a traditional home but has been given fresh modern detail with fabric and accessories, resulting in a lively and inviting space. Matthew and I designed the family room for a family with three young boys under the ages of six. Again, the space had to work as a playroom, TV and game space, and at the same time, remain as indestructible as possible. The wide striped carpet adds another dimension to the room. Blues and acid greens dominate, but the snappy, persimmon cabinet, a revived 70’s Country French piece, adds …

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Family Room

The sofa and chairs are vintage pieces found in our travels. They have been updated with contemporary fabric to meld the old and the new. The coffee table, an old French Farm table, was found on one of our journeys and cut down to size. The two ratchet lamps from the 1940’s, painted white, stand as tall treasures from the past, but are, in fact, timeless.

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Golf Club Ladies Locker Room Lounge

Redefine the serious locker room using playful colors, casual seating and painted furniture pieces.

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Golf Club Ladies Locker Room Lounge

Create a fresh, inviting space for golfers to rest their weary bones and egos, through the use of relaxed styles, defined seating, and abundant natural light

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Hunting Lodge, Family Room

This part of the house, located off of the kitchen, is a work in progress. Matthew and I searched the area for the perfect sectional, without success, so we designed our own custom piece to fit the space. At the base, we created greatly needed toy storage drawers. Tailor made cushions are comfortable enough to sleep little guests and out of town family. The fabric on the sectional is Perennials and the ottoman is vinyl, both creating an almost indestructible environment. In addition, this room houses a tent, a small kitchen, a doll house and numerous toys.

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Hunting Lodge, Living Room

This unique home was built as a log cabin/hunting lodge in Stamford, Connecticut in 1940, and was originally surrounded by horse trails. Most recently, it has become a weekend home for a family with two children under the ages of three. Our clients were anxious to create a relaxed weekend get-away where the children could feel comfortable and parents could invite friends with young children without fear of home destruction. The green cabinet, a 1900’s Italian piece, was refinished and faux painted by Matthew. The well-loved leather chairs were found at the Fairfield County Antique and Design Center. Our client’s …

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Hunting Lodge, Living Room

Rather than camouflage the logs with a coat of paint, the logs have been incorporated into our design to preserve the home’s integrity. As a result, the room has elements rooted in tradition, with a unique character and old world charm. We re-purposed tables and chairs for the living room, pieces that were found up the coast of Connecticut and New York State. We searched for vintage fabric, plaids and corduroys, and added a heavy-duty sisal rug. The coffee table, originally built to serve dual purposes of table and bench, was built almost a century ago. It has the perfect …

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Mid- Country Living Room

The goal for this home in Mid- Country Greenwich, Connecticut was to update the colonial architecture with furniture that reflected current times. The faux painted coffee table, bench, and white trim on the sofa, provide a less serious mood and give life to the space. While the sofa is mid-century, it blends well with the mix of glass and wood, and results in a casual, soothing, updated space to enjoy a cocktail or a celebration. Again, the faux painting was done by Matthew.

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Sun Porch

The clients’ wish for this room was for us to provide a casual environment to “hang” as a family and to relax with friends. The challenge was to create an all-weather space that would withstand the elements throughout the year.

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Sun Porch

Sunbrella fabrics were used on the furniture, where we mixed traditional blue and white ticking on the backs of the cushions, with updated floral and geometric fabric on the throw pillows. The indoor/outdoor rug was selected to withstand the occasional Nor’easter. The tie-backed curtain panels, also Sunbrella, add warmth and an unexpected element to the space. Vintage rattan furniture was discovered on many trips up the coast and refinished in dark blue enamel. A bit of whimsy was introduced with the addition of the green table lamps.

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Victorian Farm House

This living room in Greenwich, Connecticut mixes the old and the new with classic shapes and updated fabrics. To provide the most efficient use of the space, the furniture is floated. Benches can be move to accommodate additional guests. The sisal rug does not compete for visual space in this small area, but blends in with the neutral palette. The blues pop with the taupe and cream backdrop, and add just enough color for the room to have interest but not to be overpowered.